Top 10 Wonderful  Tourist Places In Italy 

Are you planning a trip to Italy? Travel blogs can help you make it a success. Discover the best hotels and restaurants in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and other amazing cities. Find hidden gems in Tuscany, Naples and Sorrento. Learn travel tricks and avoid tourist traps with our list of the best travel blogs for Italy. Make your trip an adventure you will never forget tourist places in Italy ! 

Italy is a must-visit country and one of the most traveled destinations in Europe. According to the statistics portal, it is the fifth most visited country in the world with around 50 million tourists a year. But it is the number one dream country for tourism. There are many highlights in this beautiful country. The canals of Venice, the wine lands of Tuscany, the cobbled streets of Rome, the Arno River through Florence, to the cliffs of Positano and beyond. Traveling to Italy is much more interesting if you have an app that helps you interact with the locals. Italian Translator Dictionary + can do it.  

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Federica Rustico is a twenty-something globetrotter who loves food, travel, and fun. She was born in New York City to a family of Italian diplomats. Frederica has visited 67 cities around the world and has lived in New York, Tehran, Rome, Houston, Istanbul, London and Budapest.Federica’s award-winning blog is the best place to plan a trip to Italy. 

The destinations section provides great information on restaurants, nightlife, and things to see in places like Milan, Venice, and Tuscany. For Rome, you’ll find downloadable guides to plan a trip, find the best sights, and dine at the best restaurants in the Eternal City.Our favorite part of Where to Go is the appropriately named Adventures section.

Here you will join Federica on her getaway to the best beaches near Rome or the island of Ponza. Her deep passion for travel, lifestyle, food and luxury comes through. This is a travel blog you don’t want to miss. Italia Best is dedicated to curating the best of Italy in the areas of food, travel destinations, Italian brands, lifestyle and travel. 

This site was brought to you by MIRA Digital, based near Milan. The founder, Helga Dossa, has been blogging exclusively about Italy since 2018. The section on Italian brands is something you won’t find elsewhere in this review. Italy is the world capital of fashion brands.

Tourist places in Italy 
Tourist places in Italy

So it’s a natural extension to other categories and offers visitors an insider’s view of what’s hot and what’s not. You will find many brands like Kappa, EA7 and Area that are not easy to find in Europe and America. You will also find beauty brands for perfumes and makeup. F

ollow this site and you’ll look great at home and abroad.Other sections cover some classics such as the best places to visit or beaches, but also the most surprising castles in Italy. Cecchiton on Italian Cuisine is sure to wet your mouth with some of the best restaurants and dishes to try on your next trip to Italy. You’ll find a list of the best Italian cookbooks to spice up your weekends and maybe even your love life. 

Tourist Places In Italy  SHEGO WANDERING 

Helga Dossa is a writer, photographer and creator of Shego Wandering. Helga has been blogging about her travels since 2018. Shego Wandering covers many countries in Europe but most of it is dedicated to Italy. In it you’ll find city guides to amazing places like Milan, Rome and Florence. 

But also less written about places like the Amalfi Coast and Verona.For Rome alone, Helga has written 12 articles covering interesting topics such as the best squares and parks to visit. You’ll also immerse yourself in different neighborhoods of Rome, such as Trastevere, or Helga’s personal favorite, Navona. 

One of the things we like most about the site is the multitude of professional photographs that Helga takes during her travels. They give readers a bird’s-eye view they won’t get on other sites. Helga’s passion for travel really shines through her photography and writing. We highly recommend checking out this travel blog to discover the magic of Italy. 

Tourist Places In Italy Rome OUR ITALIAN JOURNEY 

Our Italian Journey is written by Ilene and Gary Modica. They won the Business Excellence Award for Best Couples Travel Blog of 2020 and it’s not hard to see why. This blog contains great articles about traveling to different regions of Italy, including information on where to eat, where to stay, and what to do to make the most of your visit.Some very useful blog articles explain the means of transport available in major cities and how to use them.

Other articles provide tips on choosing good wine, tipping in Italy, or how to get by without speaking fluent Italian.Ilene and Gary received Italian citizenship in 2018. They accept inquiries via email, Zoom or phone from others hoping to follow in their footsteps. Elaine and Gary share a passion for good wine and food and it shows. Ilene is obsessed with the beautiful wooden doors found throughout Italy and dedicates articles on her blog to these charming architectural pieces. 

Tourist Places In Italy Milan LOVIN ITALY 

If you love traveling around Italy or are thinking about visiting for the first time, Lovin Italy might be the blog for you. Written by Italian native Simone, Lovin’ Italy includes comprehensive guides to Rome, Venice, Florence, and seven other extraordinary cities. You will be introduced to the best tourist attractions, restaurants and shops that each city has to offer.Additionally, city guides like Florence have sections on transportation, flights, and places to stay.

If you are considering a longer stay, you can find accommodation in Florence through services such as Housing Anywhere.Simon loves traveling with his wife and his two children and it shows in this incredible blog. In addition to city guides, Simone will take you to Italy’s best coastal cities, national parks and amusement parks. She also provides useful information on weather, visas and vaccines. Make the most of your trip with Lovin Italia. 

Tourist Places In Italy Italia Slow Tour  

Syusy and Patrizio Roversi propose thematic, alternative and unconventional, slow itineraries to encourage travelers not only to stopover in Milan, Venice, Florence or Rome, but to try detours to other surprising destinations. About nature, sports, art, gastronomy, archaeology, culture and folklore, well-being, crafts and the many wonders of Italy. 

Famous Tourist Places In Italy Margie In Italy 

Margie Miklas is a second-generation Italian-American with a passion for travel and a special love for Italy. The first time she visited Italy she fell in love with the country and the people there. She started this travel blog in 2011, when she was preparing to visit Italy for the third time because she, she says, “could never forget this beautiful place.” 

Best Tourist Places In Italy POSTCARDZ FORM VICTORIA 

Call them home and they will create a personalized itinerary based on your wish list and desires.Victoria De Maio is an Italian travel and tour designer, travel advisor, writer, blogger and published author. She is committed to sharing interesting, relevant and useful blog articles with tips to help you on your next travel adventure. If you subscribe to her newsletter, Victoria will send you My Top 75 Italy Travel TipZ to help you plan your next trip. 


Nomadic Matt is the New York Times bestselling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and the founder of this blog. His Italy travel guide advises you on better, cheaper and longer trips. It’s about showing you what the road is really like. 

 Tourist Places In Italy  ADVENTUROUS KATE 

Kate Macauley traveled the world to make a living and spent a lot of time in Italy, traveling throughout the peninsula. Kate has gained a wealth of knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of Italy and she shares her 40 tips for visiting and having a good time in Italy. 


Since her first trip to Rome in 2000, Liz Salthouse has been exploring Italy slowly, trip by trip. Her passion is to explore ancient traditions and festivals, discover the history of the land, discover the wonderful artisans and artists of Italy and explore what lies beyond, to the extent possible. Liz hopes to inspire you to do just that with the helpful tips, trivia, and lots of beautiful photos on her blog. 


Jessica Spiegel has been writing articles for the Italy Travel Blog since 2007. She helps travelers navigate the anxieties of Italian culture so they can focus more on enjoying their trips and less on wondering if they’re missing something or doing something. something wrong. 


Joe and Angela Cicala offer to experience Italy through the eyes of a local, delving with them into hidden old-world kitchens and artisan workshops. Their tours are designed and led by professional chefs and travel in small groups. 


Diana Maiola-Cirino and her team are dedicated to the true discovery of Italy. They will show you the Italy that you Call them home and they will create a personalized itinerary based on your wish list and desires. 

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