Bahrain is a country full of contradictions. Its historically important traditions go hand in hand with its modern culture .It is a desert country, rich in an impressive past, topped with an oriental atmosphere and colorful modern districts not found anywhere else. That’s why you should plan a vacation to Bahrain and put the country on your bucket list. To enter Bahrain, you will need an e-visa and know about Tourist places in Bahrain. The required documents vary depending on the purpose of the trip. Visitors require a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months at the time of departure from Bahrain. Temporary passports and children’s passports are allowed, but no identity cards. 

Bahrain E Visa 

All travelers from eligible countries can apply for the Bahrain e-Visa online. Simply choose one of the three e-visa types available for Bahrain, complete the online application form and pay the visa fee. 

The cost of a Bahrain e-visa depends on the type of visa you choose. there’s a: 


    • A single entry visa that allows a 14-day stay in Bahrain. 

    • Multiple entry visa for a 30-day stay. 

    • Multiple entry visa for a 90-day stay. 

Choose the type that suits your needs and receive your visa in PDF format to your email address! 

Best TOURIST PLACES in Bahrain 

1 Al-Fatah Grand Mosque: Tourist Attractions In Bahrain Manama 

Al-Fatah Mosque is also known as Al-Fatah Grand Mosque. It is located in Manama, the capital of northeastern Bahrain. You can find more than 7,000 worshipers in this large building, making it the largest mosque in the entire country. In 1987, it was named after Bahrain’s founder, Ahmed al-Fatah, and housed the Jewish National Library. During construction, building materials from all over the world were integrated into the mosque, turning it into a true work of art.

From the gleaming Italian marble to the impressive Indian Gates and high-quality Irish carpets, this building can be seen from all over the world. Even the enormous chandelier that is the centerpiece of the main synagogue is decorated with lamps from France. If you want to get a more detailed picture of the beautiful mosque and its religion, you can get a free reading and guided tour, for which robes and veils are provided.  

2 Famous Tourist Places In Bahrain Tree Of Life 

Now we come to a sight in tourist places in Bahrain that was not made by human hands: the Tree of Life. It is estimated that this mesquite tree has flourished in the middle of the desert for 400 years. Shadjarat al-Hayya, as the tree of life is called in Arabic, appears to survive without water. This is a phenomenon that has given rise to numerous legends about the tree. During your visit, you’ll be able to get to the bottom of the legends surrounding the Tree of Life and then explore its history at the Visitor Center. Bahrain is a desert country, a small country. However, you can also go on a desert safari here. 

3 Bahrain International Circuit 

In any case, you must visit the International Circuit on your vacation in Bahrain, as it is one of the most famous motorsport circuits. Michael Schumacher won the first Formula 1 race in Bahrain in 2004. F1 race track to see at night at the Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain. These are the best tourist places in Bahrain. 

4 Important Tourist Places In Bahrain Qalat Al-Bahrain 

The Bahrain fort, known as Qalaat al-Bahreen, is located on a ruined hill in the northern part of the island. Hidden in the historic site is a history that dates back to 2,300 years BC. Archaeological excavations began 50 years ago and revealed the fort’s impressive history with seven different ancient civilizations. Even today, new and exciting discoveries are constantly being made. 

5 Bab El Bahrain Souk 

The Bab al-Bahrain building in central Manama hides its true feature behind the grand entrance: In best tourist places in Bahrain, the Souk, also known as the Souk. It is typical of the souks of Eastern Arabia that many small streets are lined with numerous stalls and important commercial and economic activities take place. 

6 Bahrain National Museum  

Do you want to know the traditions of Bahrain in addition to the history? Then we recommend a visit to the Bahrain National Museum. It is one of the largest and oldest museums in the country. In 27,800 m² you can discover archaeological remains dating back almost 6,000 years. It is no surprise that the museum is one of the most popular attractions in Bahrain, as there is no best way to learn about the history of this fascinating country. 

7 Lost Paradise Of Dilmun Water Park 

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun, a water park in Bahrain Sightseeing can be exhausting. That’s why you’ll be especially happy with the next item on the list: cooling off in the lost paradise of Dilman Water Park, Bahrain’s largest body of water. Here you can let off some steam, try the high-speed slides or slide down the circular slides while the kids play in climbing paradise or build sandcastles. If it’s too much after all the sightseeing, you can relax by the pool, enjoy an ice-cold drink in the sun, and have breakfast at Arabian Grill. When going to such a sunny country, you should pack accordingly. Check out this list best tourist places in Bahrain essentials for hot countries. 

8 Famous Tourist Places In Bahrain Pearl Path 

Bahrain is home to some of the most beautiful pearls in the world. Already in ancient times, people decorated themselves with these impressive luminous shells, which still have great importance today.The trade in cultured pearls is prohibited in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Only natural pearls can be bought here. 

9 Beit Al-Quran 

We haven’t reached the end of the most beautiful tourist places in Bahrain yet. That’s because Bait al-Qur’an, a complete hotspot awaits you. It is located in Howrah, Manama, Islamic Arts Building. Among them, the Islamic Museum is the most popular place and undoubtedly the most important of its kind.It has a vast and valuable historical collection of Quranic manuscripts and other essential manuscripts from different periods. The museum also houses the oldest copy of the Holy Quran translated into Latin, dated 955. 

10 Tourist Sites In Bahrain Dive Bahrain  

Divers swimming underwater in Bahrain. Are you one of those passionate divers and want to explore the underwater world of Bahrain? Then this Bahrain attraction is perfect for you! The 100,000 m² Dive Bahrain underwater theme park is the largest in the world and offers views that will make any diver’s heart beat faster. The highlight is the 70 meter long Boeing 747, sunk here as an artificial reef and which can be explored by diving. 

11 Most Visited Places In Bahrain Arad Fort 

The Portuguese built this fort. Initially it was on its own island but has now grown to become Al Muharraq Island. From the fort grounds you get a great view of the surrounding area and of Manama. Located very close to the airport, the fort is now used as an amphitheater for musical events. Even Eric Clapton has performed here before. From 1984 to 1987, the fort was completely restored using original materials such as sandstone and palm tree trunks. 

12 Tourist Attractions In Bahrain Al Muharraq 

If you are already on the island, there are other places to see besides the fort. Al Muharraq used to be the capital of Bahrain and the center of the pearl industry. Before oil, pearls were Bahrain’s main source of income. Today, there are still many traditional craft businesses that you can visit. In the historic Souk you can immerse yourself in the world of 1001 nights.

Let yourself be captivated by the aroma of the spices that you can buy here. Right next to the souk, you will find some historic houses that have survived the current building boom. Here you can still breathe the atmosphere of the East. The country’s third largest city also has some restaurants serving traditional Arabic dishes. 

13 Reef Island – An Artificial Tropical Landscape 

North of Manama, an island has been built that combines life, entertainment and tourism. Houses, hotels and beaches were built on an artificial reef. There is also a large marina with a promenade that invites you to shop and stroll. Modern architecture, combined with Arabic elements, characterize this luxurious tropical paradise. Here you will find green parks that are rare in this country. Some very high-quality restaurants await you along the promenade, so nothing will stand in the way of spending a relaxing evening in an idyllic setting. 

14 Tourist Spots In Bahrain Dilmun Water Park – The Lost Paradise  

The theme of this water park is the underwater culture of Dilmun, the first modern civilization that existed here. Near the International Circuit, you will find this aquatic paradise for the whole family. After spreading your towels on the beach, you can start exploring. The little ones can have fun in a unique baby pool. Older children will be able to see the castle or the pirate ship.

And big? Some of them require a little courage to go down the slides that plunge into the deep waters. Then, relax in the spa pool among palm trees. Many attractions will make you hungry at some point. The physical condition is also well taken care of. The selection ranges from burgers and pizzas to typical Arabic and Chinese cuisine. 

15 Best Tourist Places In Bahrain Hawar Islands 

The islands Hawar are located on the border with Qatar. They are especially popular with divers and divers. Animal entertainment awaits you on the beach. Turtles and lizards live here, and pink Bengals. 

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