Keen to add Bangladesh to your travel bucket list of undiscovered gems? If so, these beautiful Tourist places in Bangladesh will help you plan an itinerary full of ancient history, vibrant culture and raw beauty. Bangladesh has a lot to offer for nature lovers, foodies and intrepid adventurers. Although still relatively unknown to travelers outside of Asia, those seeking a truly unforgettable trip to a place steeped in natural and man-made beauty should learn more about this vast, diverse place and what it has to offer. It should take some time to find out. So let’s start with the showstoppers of Bangladesh, and learn more about this amazing country through its 14 beautiful places, guided by a local author. 

The most beautiful tourist places in Bangladesh 

Tourist Spots In Bangladesh Near Dhaka 

    • Lalbagh Fort 

 Old Dhaka! Sitting on the banks of the Buri Ganga River, Old Dhaka’s rich culture and heritage is reflected in both its architecture and the lifestyle of the city’s population. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, and the most beautiful places in Bangladesh one of the southernmost part of the city is called Old Dhaka.Among the historic sites of Old Dhaka, Lalbagh Fort and Ahsan Manzil are two of the most visited places. The former is an incomplete fort of the Mughal era. The latter married the Nawabs and is built on the rich principles of Mughal architecture. 

    • Dhaka skyline 

Tara Mosque, Rose Garden Palace, Christian Cemetery in Wari, and Bahadur Shah Park all come with their own interesting history and are must-sees if you are in the area. Don’t forget to visit the campus of Dhaka University which is spread over six hundred acres of land. The Faculty of Science building is called Curzon Hall, named after Lord Curzon, and is a unique blend of Mughal and European architecture. 

Tourist Attractions In Bangladesh Sonargaon 

Get updates on the latest posts and more from Nomad Paradise straight to your inbox. I agree to receive emails and personalized advertisements. Once a bustling river port, Sonargaon was traditionally a popular center for muslin traders in the late 1800s. It is full of museums and architectural landmarks, and today it is a popular tourist destination. Boro Sardar Bari, the erstwhile residence of a Hindu merchant, is now a fascinating museum worth visiting.


Panam Nagar is probably the most visited place in Sonargaon. Established by the British as a trading center for cotton cloth, Pinarnagar was originally a small town of about fifty-two houses, inhabited by Hindus. All the houses are built on European architectural principles, and the city is one of the most visited tourist spots in Sonargaon. You can also visit Sonargaon Folk Arts and Crafts Museum, if you want to know more about the origin and evolution of Nakshi Kantha (Quilt with hand embroidery) along with various fabrics produced in Sonargaon. 

Tourist Sites In Bangladesh Chittagong 

Chittagong is the largest and most developed city after Dhaka. Chittagong’s majestic hills are the region’s most famous scenic spot, and are definitely worth a visit. However, the city and the district have a lot to explore. Among the scenic spots, Boga Lake, Naval Beach, Gliakhali Beach, Patanga Beach, Karnaphuli River, and Bhattiari Lake are popular places to visit.If you love museums, you can visit Chittagong Circuit House, Zia Memorial Museum, or the museum at Bastar – Chittagong Art Complex.

The city also has a safari park, an amusement park (Foy’s Lake) and a family-friendly zoo perfect for exploring and viewing wildlife.The city also boasts of the Bayezid Bustani shrine, which is visited by thousands every year for religious reasons. Chittagong cuisine is a brand in itself. You can’t leave the district without tasting the hospit kachi or black roast. You can find a variety of upscale and casual restaurants that serve a variety of these traditional dishes, so be sure to work up an appetite with all the sightseeing! 

Tourist Locations In Bangladesh Sylhet 

Cast your eyes over a map of Bangladesh, and you’ll soon be able to locate Sylhet in the eastern region. It is not only one of the greenest districts in the country but also has the highest amount of rainfall. Sylhet is famous for its lakes and other water bodies, and is also home to many tea plantations and small tropical forests. Rattargul Swamp Forest, a freshwater swamp forest, is the most popular place to visit here, followed by Jaflong and Busankandi. 

You can witness some truly jaw-dropping feats of nature in these forests unlike anywhere else on earth. The 14th century Muslim saint Shah Jalal is buried in this district. His burial place has been converted into a shrine and is known as Shah Jalal Dargah, which is visited by millions of people throughout the year. 

 Best Tourist Places In Bangladesh Cox’s Bazaar 

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh, visited throughout the year. The district is situated in the southeastern part of the country and is home to the longest sea coast in the world. When it comes to Cox’s Bazar, you are spoiled for choice between sun, sea and sand. Anani, Kolatoli, Sugandha and Labuni Point are just a few of the many beaches in the region. You can also find beautiful hotels and resorts throughout the region.

Humchuri has mountain peaks and waterfalls and Kollatuli is close to the beach. Also, Cox’s Bazar is a shopper’s paradise. The Burmese market has a strong presence there and in these shops you can find a wide range of decorations, beautiful clothing, household items, cutlery and kitchen utensils and cosmetics. If you love seafood, visit any restaurant or roadside stall to find a variety of seafood dishes. Fine-dining restaurants offer dishes from all over the world, so you’ll always be spoiled for choice! 

Famous Tourist Places In Bangladesh The Sundarbans 

The Sundarbans is one of the largest mangrove forests in the world and is home to thousands of species of trees and animals. It is one of the tourist destinations of Bangladesh and is home to the national symbol – the Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans has small beaches and islands that can be enjoyed throughout the day and especially at sunset. You can also walk through a dense forest, getting up close and personal with beautiful plants and incredible wildlife. Heron Point, or Nilkomol, is a must-visit place where you can observe a variety of animals in their natural habitat. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the royal Bengal tiger! 

Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh St Martin Island 

Located near Cox’s Bazar and the Bay of Bengal, St. Maarten Island is a small and very popular island, frequented by tourists from all over the world. The island is small and can be explored in a day. Vehicles are not allowed on the island, it is a pollution-free zone.There is an extension of St. Maarten called Chhera Deep or Chhera Island, which you can visit by rented speedboat. When you’re not strolling through the wonder and beauty of the island, you can try your hand at a number of activities, including diving, cycling, and stargazing (or moongazing if you visit during a full moon). The island also has unique snacks and meals that you won’t want to miss! 

Unexplored Tourist Places In Bangladesh Srimangal 

Located in the northwest of Bangladesh, Srimangal is one of the greenest places in the country. It is made up of hectares and hectares of stunning tea gardens and extensive farmland, framed by tranquil lakes. You can start your tour from Luachara National Park. A tropical forest contains hundreds of different species of trees and animals. Noorjahan Tea Estate has lush tea plantations spread over acres of land. Even a simple glance is nothing less than therapy to calm the mind and soul. Srimangal is also famous for its lakes and waterfalls. Don’t forget to visit Madhabpur Lake and Baika Bel.

The calm body of water is surrounded by greenery and views are best enjoyed in the late afternoon and evening. Ham Ham Falls is usually pleasant during the monsoon season when there is enough water. If you feel like doing some hiking, you can visit the temple at the top of Red Hill or Red Hill. Srimangal is home to some of the best varieties of tea, so don’t forget to try many different teas during your visit and take a few packets with you. 

Amaizing Tourist Places In Bangladesh Khagrachari And Sajek Valley 

Khagrachari is located in the Chittagong hills and is popular among trekkers and trekkers. It has several lakes and small hills along with Tedochara Fountain, known as one of the most beautiful fountains in Bangladesh. Alotela Cave and Sajek Valley are popular tourist places in Khagrachari. The Alotilla cave can be explored in about twenty minutes.

Thrill seekers will enjoy an adventure through rugged shales and icy waters. The Sajek Valley is also compact, but absolutely beautiful. Several resorts and restaurants are located on both sides of the single-track road. Because the valley is so high, some people even touch the clouds! Sajek also has a small hill called Konglik that is popular with hikers. You can see all of Sajek in two days, making it an ideal day or weekend trip. 

Tourist Places In Bangladesh Bandarban 

Bandarban is located south of Chittagong. It is also another popular destination for hikers and hikers, dotted with hills and lakes that will capture beautiful memories in your mind. The Sango River runs through the district and the lands are home to at least thirteen different indigenous tribes. It is one of the best pace to all other tourist places in Bangladesh. 

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